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Beyond the enormous growth of cryptocurrency trade, there is actually a list of severe problems occurring.  The high volume of new users entering the market has caused current exchanges undergo difficulties in dealing with the big demand. Even some of them no longer allow new investors to create an account on the platform. In order to solve the issues related to the incapability of existing cryptocurrency exchanges in managing the surge of crypto trade, Quifas has prepared an innovative platform that assists users in both investing and trading their crypto assets. The details of the current problems and how Quifas gives solutions are presented below.

Problems Faced by Crypto Market Users

One of the biggest problem faced by most users at the moment is lack of customer services. While users have to keep up with the rapid growth of cryptocurrency trade, they face barriers related to complicated and long processes of withdrawals, deposits, and many more. All of these processes can take days or even weeks to complete. Can you imagine that? The second main problem is the poor infrastructure to scale. The existing exchanges that are available mostly have inadequate capacity to serve a big number of users added per day. Recently, Bitfinex and Bittrex which are known as two of the biggest crypto exchanges had to close their platforms for new investors.

The other major problem is related to security breaches. Many users whether they are investors or traders have experienced serious losses due to DDoS attacks as what happened with Coincheck, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan. There are still other hackers’ threats await that can harm users’ assets. This security problem is haunting crypto market users and it seems that many existing crypto exchanges cannot tackle this problem.

Quifas Solutions to the Problems

Quifas is trying to solve the aforementioned issues by providing exceptional features in its innovative platform. One of them is the cross-platform support that enables users to trade cryptocurrency via Android and iOS apps easily. It can be done due to the support of API support. With this support, all users can easily create, modify, and integrate accounts as necessary. The platform also provides advanced trading features that enable users to make some profits by placing stop losses. In other words, the platform helps users to make maximum profits. In addition to the main features, there are some extra features that users can enjoy. For example, there is a news section where users can get updated with the latest news of cryptocurrency.

Token Sale Date

Based on the roadmap, the company is scheduling cryptocurrency exchange launch in June 2018 and mobile app launch in September. It will require some amount of funds thus pre ICO sale is going to be launched this March starting on the 9th to the 23rd. Bonuses vary from 20% up to 35%. The bonuses are offered based on when buyers purchase the token and how much ETH they spend. After that, the token sale will be launched on 6 April and it will last for a full month.

Website Whitepaper

Start in 08-03-2018
Ended in 09-05-2018
Symbol QFS
Price 0.40 USD
For sale 50%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC and ETH
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 35,000,000 USD


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ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29