Tue, 18 Dec 2018

Real Property Token

Facilitating Peer to Peer Transactions

Token symbol RPT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price  1 ETH = 3000 RPT
Soft cap  5 million tokens
Accepting ETH
Set Gas Limit 200,000
Funds Raised The funds raised from the Token Sale are for the development of the platform, roadshows and APPS.
Bonus Nov 28th to Dec 10th - 1 ETH = 3600 RPT

About Real Property Token

We are a Real Estate based platform designed to facilitate real property transactions whilst at the same time allowing token holders to participate in Socially Responsible Low Cost Housing projects, Crypto Mining, APP Developments and a charity. Our platform encourages participants to create their own Peer 2 Peer projects that will be available for Token Holders.

We are also conducting Roadshows to educate all participants in real estate transactions and will also make available workshops for the general public to share our crypto knowledge whilst at the same time building our brand.

We choose real estate because we see massive inefficiencies in the sector. From listing through to settlement there is an enormous amount of control from 3rd parties and not a lot of control left in the hands of the property owner. We believe that smart contracts have the ability to change this and place the control back in the hands of the people who have the vested interest in the property, and not those that are profiting from the transaction.

It is going to take more than one company to completely change the way real estate is transacted and our point of difference is that apart from creating revenue from day one, we provide a platform to allow Peer 2 Peer Projects completely devised and created by the Token Holders therefore using their tokens to profit in each project.


Real Property Token has been developed to utilize the Blockchain to facilitate Peer to Peer Real Estate Transactions, with the additional benefit of creating immediate revenue streams in the following areas.

  • P2P
    Peer to Peer projects with a bias towards low cost housing will be available to participants on the platform. The first projects have already been created and will be available to token holders using their tokens as soon as the Token Sale is complete and our compliance team have completed all legal and regulatory documents.
  • Transactions
    The goal of Real Property Token is to implement our innovative solutions on a global scale reducing Real Estate transaction fees whilst introducing a wider audience to properties listed on our Platform. Includes any transaction that is normally made using fiat currency such as settlement, listing, advertising, rent, legal, maintenance, management, accounting and all other business services.
  • Education
    We are conducting Roadshows to educate all participants in real estate transactions and will also make available workshops for the general public to share our crypto knowledge whilst at the same time building our brand. Masterclasses will be available for participants who want to learn how to profit with cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto Mining
    Opportunity for Token Holders to participate in Crypto Mining projects with innovative solutions for developing alternative energies creating win win opportunities for all participants.
  • Charity
    RPT is a socially responsible company and is using blockchain technology to bring its vision to underdeveloped regions through funding and community participation.

Start in 11-12-2017
Ended in 11-01-2018

  • Andrew England - Founder and CEO
  • Mike England - Operations Manager
  • Shawn Blackburn - Compliance Manager
  • Kerryn Bell-Searle - Global Tax Advisor
  • Edwin Kinoti - Research Consultant
  • Sean Callander - Content Writer
  • Julie Martin - Administration Manager
  • Damir Demirovic - Programmer
  • Glenn Peters - Roadshow Manager
  • Mark Nilson - Financial Advisor
  • Matthias Thies - Systems Engineer
  • Aniket - Blockchain Developer
  • Amanda Ralph - Educational Advisor

  • ALPHA DEVELOPMENT 2016 - 2017
    - Market Analysis
    - Transaction Testing
    - Peer to Peer Platform Development
    - Formation of Real Property Token
    - Token Created
    - Family & Friends 1 ETH = 4200 RPT
    - Pre Sale 1 ETH = 3600 RPT
    - Sale 1 ETH = 3000 RPT
    - Peer to Peer Development
    - Listing Platform
    - Crowd Decide App
    - First Property Projects
    - Roadshows
    - Workshops
    - Charity Development
    - Showcasing our platform
    - First P2P Project Listing
    - Release of RPT Wallet
    - Full Token Holder Participation
    - Final Release of P2P Platform
    - Low Cost Housing Development on the P2P Platform
    - Charity Project Completed
    - Crypto Mining Operating
    - Inaugural RPT Conference
    - Peer to Peer Platform Operating and Refined
    - Introduced to a Global Audience
    - Full Community Participation
    - Profitable Projects Undertaken


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