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Decentralized Home Rental Platform

Rentberry is a decentralized long-term rental ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make the rental process less costly and more convenient and secure. The transparent ecosystem with verified information on renters and landlords fosters trust between the parties.

Rentberry’s proprietary auctioning technology reduces traditional frustrations, scam rates, time delays, and friction points in the rental process to benefit both tenants and landlords. Also, the Rentberry ecosystem will ofer the ability for community members to help back quality tenants, unfreezing millions of dollars tied up rental security deposits in the process.

Although the costs and characteristics of housing vary across the world, residents of many countries experience the same problems in the long-term rental space. Rentberry’s mission is to ofer a solution that will be equally efcient for residents across international borders.

Self-Executing Rental Agreements

A few years ago we’ve been working on online rental agreements to minimize the need for time-consuming and usually boring paperwork. Today, we are taking it to the next level and introducing rental smart contracts.

Powered by blockchain, smart contracts are self-executing contracts that do not require a notary or any other third party to verify them. Smart contracts were designed to reduce (or eliminate completely) the need for humans to process and verify official agreements. The way smart contracts work is rather simple: there’s a software protocol that self-executes an action as soon as particular conditions are met.

Here’s how it works in real estate. Let’s say there is a tenant Luke who wants to rent a property from a landlord Mike. They two would have to enter into a contract requiring Luke to pay $2,500 Mike in exchange for keys for a rental unit and a permit to occupy the rental for an indicated period of time. This means that Luke should receive keys as soon as Mike gets a receipt of payment.

If both parties manage to comply with their responsibilities, there should be no problem. But in case Mike fails to give keys although Luke has already paid (or any other situation of this kind), an arbitrator’s or judge’s help might be needed.

With smart contracts, however, there is no way for such a situation to occur. In the case of smart contacts, all transactions are made on the blockchain. This means that Luke will pay his $2,000 rent in cryptocurrency to Mike. This payment serves as a trigger that activates the next step in the sequence and Mike receives a smart-lock key from Luke. The entire procedure is verifiable via a public record on the blockchain.

When the course of actions is structured as a smart contract, there’s no room for delays and holdbacks. As the contract performs itself based on the predetermined rules both parties are agreed upon, there is no risk of fraud and things move forward considerably faster.

And the greatest news is that rental smart contracts are not a thing of the distant future. Soon all users of Rentberry will get a chance to experience the convenience of smart contracts first-hand.

Smart Locks Technology

Most of the landlords and tenants would confirm that attending open houses and trying to synchronize busy schedules for move-in/move-out dates are the most time-consuming and irritating aspects of renting.

Fortunately, it’s about to change soon. Right now Rentberry’s team is working on a smart lock technology based on smart contracts. We’re convinced that smart locks will find great use in renting. With smart locks, it will be significantly easier for landlords to hold open houses and for tenants to access their just-rented properties. Synchronizing schedules are no longer needed.

Thanks to smart locks, open houses will be possible without a landlord being physically present in the unit. Prospective tenants will just have to plug their smartphone into the lock to open the door.

What seems like a simple procedure is actually a result of high technology. In order to open, a smart lock should first receive instructions from an authorized device through a cryptographic key. A smartphone is used as a key that can wirelessly perform the authentication procedure needed for a door to unlock.

Start in 05-12-2017
Ended in 28-02-2018
Symbol BERRY
Price 1 ETH = 2,500 BERRY
Platform 500,000,000
Accepting ETH, BTC
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD

  • Alex Lubinsky - CEO
  • Lily Ostapchuk - CPO
  • Aleksey Perfilov - CTO
  • Serge Gritsenko - Chief Operating Officer
  • Denis Golubovsky - Blockchain Developer
  • Eugene Terentev - Blockchain Developer
  • David Sviatozhevsky - Blockchain Developer
  • Eugene Kurasov - Backend Developer
  • Alex Svityashchuk - Backend Developer
  • Nadia Sidko: Frontend Developer
  • Alexander Vilko - Frontend Developer
  • Anton Kazanov - Frontend Developer
  • Kostyantin Horozhanov - Frontend Developer
  • Denys Mykhailyshen - Frontend Developer
  • Max Zabarylo - QA Engineer
  • July Yakimova - QA Engineer
  • Alex Humeniuk - SEO Engineer
  • Alex Kotovskov - Product Designer
  • Liza Repko - Visual Designer
  • Serge Sokolov - Marketing Director
  • Alyona Blakytna - Business Development
  • Kseniya Tunikova - Content Manager
  • Kate Fisenko - Sales

  • 2018

Technology Advancement
Integrate blockchain and smart contracts technology throughout the platform. Launch iOS and Android apps. File international patents.

Crowdsourced Rental Deposits
Allow tenants to unlock billions of dollars by paying a small monthly fee in tokens in lieu of paying full upfront security deposits.

Launch of a payment system allowing users to make/receive payments for rent and other services on Rentberry platform in BERRY tokens.

Real Estate Acquisition
Buy properties in the top 25 most popular cities and rent them out on a short-term basis to platform users and members of exclusive Rentberry Club.

  • 2019

Proprietary Scoring System
Introduce Landlord and Tenants Scores that would be based on reviews, rental-related history and personal data saved on the blockchain.

Third-Party Providers
Offer API integration to local third-party service providers. Users will be able to order services directly from their Rentberry portals.

International Expansion
Expand across Europe and Asia. Offer a multi-language support. Partner with local credit bureaus and real estate companies.

  • 2020

Smart-Lock Technology
Integrate blockchain smart-lock technology that will significantly simplify open houses and move-in/move-out procedures.

Online Utility Bills
Partner with utility companies to give users ability to pay the bills directly via Rentberry’s platform.


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