Tue, 18 Dec 2018

Rocket ICO

Uniting investors, experts and start-up teams

Token symbol ROCK
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 300 ROCK
Tokens for sale 17,000,000
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 5,000 ETH
Hard cap 50,000 ETH
Distributed in ICO 68%

About Rocket ICO

Rocket ICO is the world’s first startup accelerator based on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Such model creates a new paradigm for the safe and more effective interaction between project teams, investors and experts in the context of creating and launching startup projects.

One of the key elements of such system is the joint work of DAO participants on the projects in order to bring them to the market. Projects will benefit from being available for interaction with the community at early stages as they might be able to receive the necessary funding from inside the platform therefore without the need to do an ICO, saving time and financial costs of preparing.

We also propose to revise the existing approach to the ICO of the crypto-community. Today the vast majority of projects receiving financing in such way are not supported by a real working model due to lack of competence among the teams, and therefore they are unlikely to succeed. Instead of launching short-lived startups or holding an ICO for the sake of ICO itself (quick profitmaking), our platform will flow all incoming proposals through the network of independent experts and select only valuable projects with a strong idea.

New Economic Environment

Blockchain technology has become increasingly popular recently. The cost of bitcoin sets record by record high and every day a lot of interesting projects based on blockchain technology appear. ICO has acquired enormous popularity in the field of project financing. It has become a tool for quick access to the global investment market, bypassing traditional intermediaries like banks, venture capital, etc. According to CoinDesk, blockchain start-ups managed to raise $ 1.8 billion using non-traditional venture investments in the form of ICO.

The figures may seem insignificant if we compare them with the market of initial public offering in the USA, which raised $ 22 billion (according to RenaissanceCapital) for the same period of time. But if put in growth terms - ICOs have brought $ 1.67 billion, of which $ 1.38 billion - in 2017 which translates into more than 600% annual growth rate. The most incredible figures were seen in July - more than $ 540 million was raised by ICOs combined. This method of fundraising beats its own records for several months in a row.

Model of Tokens Rocket ICO (ROCK)

The main problem of the most token models developed in various blockchain startups is connected with the fact that the tokens themselves do not support platform functionality, but are used only for selling and receiving money by developers or as a speculative asset. Therefore same as with any other currency the token model has embedded contradiction between the function of money as a means of preserving and accumulating value, and the function of money as a means of payment.

The contradiction is that in case of increasing the cost of tokens, they are not profitable to put into circulation and make transactions using tokens. But if tokens are not put into circulation, the functions supported by tokens cease to be executed. As a result, both fall in real value and depreciation of tokens’ value on external exchanges occur. The fact is that the limited release of tokens virtually predetermines the deflationary nature of this type of currency. However, the RocketCoin (ROCK) token model solves this problem.

The degree of functionality of any currency is determined by the range of products that are nominated in this currency. Partly the stability of dollars in the real economy stem from the fact that maximum range of goods are nominated and therefore can be purchased in dollars. RocketCoin (ROCK) supports all the internal transactions in the business projects present on the platform. This variety of transactions between experts, investors and projects is powered by smart contracts.

The use of Rocket ICO smart contracts to facilitate transactions on our platform significantly reduces costs as the commission for internal transactions is not charged. There is no need to develop new smart contracts for each transaction but rather use a universal (standardised) smart contract available on the platform, thereby the transaction speed is increased while reliability and transparency of operations is maintained. Blockchain enables to access information about the qualifications and reputation of investors, experts and entrepreneurs by analysing transactions they have been engaged into.

In such way Rocket ICO token also facilitates data accumulation. In addition, the platform provides BigData analysis from smart contracts. Information obtained from the blockchain highlights the most stable and effective patterns of platform participants activities, and the simplest algorithms for identifying and compiling optimal and effective interaction patterns and their functions.

  • 68% ICO
  • 20% Founders
  • 8% Advisers and bounty
  • 4% Pre ICO

Start in 01-11-2017
Ended in 15-12-2017

  • Gabil Tagiev - CEO
  • Arthur Pinchuk - CTO
  • Dmitry Korzhik - Product development
  • Sasha Shuhayeu - COO
  • Sergei Logvin - Community management, HR
  • Dmitry Konopelko - CBDO
  • Nikita Lobushkin - Ux/Ui Designer
  • Vika Kravets - Ui Designer
  • Artem Malofeevskiy - Web Developement
  • Aleksandr Naumenok - Blockchain developer
  • Sergey Demiashev - Blockchain developer

  • Oct 2017
    - Legal issues
    - Marketing MVP: ICO management, investor management
  • Dec 2017
    - WhitePaper builder
    - expert v 0.4
    - investor v 0.4
    - entrepreneur v 0.4
    - ICO management v 0.4
  • Feb 2018
    - marketing v 0.4
    - expert v 0.6
    - ICO management v 0.6
  • May 2018
    - landing page builder
    - investor v 0.6
    -marketing v 0.6
    - entrepreneur v 0.6
    - expert v 0.8
  • Jul 2018
    - entrepreneur module v 0.8
    - marketing module v 0.8
    - investor module v 0.8
    - ICO management module v 0.8
    - Chat bots
  • Sep 2018
    - AI-based analytics
    - mobile applications
    - entrepreneur v 1.0
    - investor v 1.0
    - marketing v 1.0
    - expert v 1.0
    - ICO management v 1.0
    - Organization of RocketICO communities around the world


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