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About SandCoin

SAND COIN blockchain options buy back will start 9 months after fundraising ends. We plan to buy back 10% of SAND COIN with subsequent burning every year, until buying back up to 50% SAND COIN from the market. Investors will also have the right to exchange SAND COIN for an equivalent amount of cubic meters of sand (1 SAND COIN = 1 m3 of sand).

Construction market in the Moscow region is rapidly growing with each year, and with it grows the demand for construction materials such as mortar sand. Construction of new infrastructure projects such as Central RIng Road and extensive residential development in Moscow are the source of our confidence in the steady demand for our product for many years to come.

We offer investors an opportunity to purchase the mortar sand blockchain option for a lowered price. During the crowdsale the product will be available for the following price: 1 SAND COIN = 1 m3 of mortar sand = $0.95 - $1.35, with the average market price of 1 m3 mortar sand being $5.30. Moreover, we plan to buy back up to 50% of SAND COIN from the market over the course of the next 5 years to increase investors’ profits and support demand.

We are proud to introduce the first ever sand quarry project funded through raising cryptocurrency via creating a blockchain option for mining non-metallic materials. SAND COIN is a blockchain derivative based on a real product.

The goal of the project is to raise funds via a blockchain system and an ICO to develop a sand quarry in the Moscow Region. Through creating a real product based blockchain option for a low price and issuing SAND COIN, which includes entering the cryptocurrency market and subsequent buy back, we offer a profitable asset to interested investors.


Raising funds for financing the sand quarry development.

Sand quarry development, building infrastructure and purchase of equipment, acquisition of the final required documentation.

Mining and sale of the product Development of new quarries under the SAND COIN project.

Integration of partners - other sand quarries and non-metallic material deposits into SAND COIN.


The creation of a new economic system for the non-metallic material and construction business via the blockchain technology, which would allow business owners, investors and private entities to participate in the
development of a new digital economy, for profit.

Pre-ICO 230,000 SND 7.00%

ICO 3,170,000 SND 93.00%

Start in 18-09-2017
Ended in 18-10-2017

Ruslan Pichugin CEORuslan Pichugin CEO

Grachkov Kirill COO

Eduard Egorov CMO

Eugene Khashin CTO

Q2 2018 Technical workQ2 2018
Technical workConnecting power grids, construction of the infrastructure necessary for sand mining, purchase of equipment.

Q2 2018 Quarrying
Conducting stripping work, the beginning of quarry development

Q3 2018 Buy back SND

Q1 2019 Connecting partners
Partnering up with other non-metallic material quarries, connecting them to the SAND COIN system


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