Savedroid: Making Cryptocurrency Accessible for Everyone

Savedroid Making Cryptocurrency Accessible for Everyone

Although the crypto world is greatly developed at the moment, still, it is not easily learned especially for those are still new in Bitcoin, tokens, and wallets. There are many technical barriers related to registration, crypto exchanges, working with private code and so forth that users should deal with. Savedroid proposes a way to turn the complicated system into the simple one.

Savedroid Visions

Considering the aforementioned problems related to the complexity of the crypto market, Savedroid has developed a platform supported by AI technology that aims to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible for everyone even newbies. Therefore the mission of Savedroid is to expand their mobile app to meet the purpose, which is making an investment and saving with cryptocurrency simple. In short, the company has set a goal to eliminate any obstacles in crypto investment and saving so it can be convenient for all mass market users.

How to Buy Savedroid Tokens

You can purchase Savedroid tokens or SVD using Bitcoin and Ethereum. For those who do not have such digital currencies, fiat money can be used too. The transfer of fiat can be done through credit card, SOFORT Überweisung which is a Germany-based certified online system, and bank credit transfer. The various payment systems allow people from all over the world, even those who don’t use cryptocurrencies, to participate in the ICO. It is important for potential token buyers to check the official Savedroid official website to get further information about the procedure of ICO sale.

There are some different programs that you can choose to buy SVD called Bounty Programs. There are some subprograms. The first is Referral Program. This program is quite interesting in a way token buyers can get a reward if the can invite other people to buy SVD too. The reward is in the form of free SVD. These free tokens can be issued after the main ICO sale ends. The second is Social Media Bounty Program in which buyers can get reward tokens if they promote the ICO sale in social media and platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Bitcointalk. It is very easy, right?

Security and Transparency of ICO Token Sale

Security and Transparency always become the main concerns for investors to decide to buy tokens. For your information, Savedroid token sales incorporate a third party to have the copies of documents. In this called it is handled by a competent and well-recognized ICO specialist who is also an attorney-at-law named Axel Hellinger. You can browse yourself about his reputation online. So, he is the one who will ensure the safety of your investment as he will hold the funds until the Min Cap is reached. In case the project fails to achieve the Min Cap, you can get the funds returned.

The company also cooperates with a global reputable technical inspection authority to audit all data protection and security of SVD wallet. Additionally, there are also other external partners involved to audit the smart contracts. For extra security, at the moment Savedroid is trying to cooperate with experts of cryptocurrency.


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