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Democratizing cryptocurrencies

Within only 2 years, savedroid has already left its mark in the German FinTech space. We have built an award-winning, cutting-edge AI savings ecosystem that is available for free on Android and iOS in Germany. The app is targeting a rather younger user group - 90% between 18 and 44 years - and has registered more than 200K downloads and multiple millions of saving transactions have been processed so far.

It is savedroid’s goal to help people with putting money aside in a dedicated savings account, using personalized AI based savings rules. These rules—also known as “smooves”, a contraction of “smart saving move”—allow users to turn their everyday habits, such as exercising, checking their smartphone, using social media apps or shopping, into pure savings.

savedroid has solved the challenge for common people to save money - it provides smart and fully-automated micro-savings and even spend optimization – using a self-learning algorithm with a convenient UX understandable for everybody. Thereby, we successfully democratized everyday savings. savedroid was selected to be a member of the Deutsche Börse Fintech Hub and Deutsche Börse Venture Network – a program run by one of the world’s leading stock exchanges to prepare selected growth companies for an IPO.

savedroid, the award-winning German FinTech specialized in artificial intelligence (“AI”) saving technology, has geared up to democratize cryptocurrencies: savedroid will create a unique AI fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses. Users will profit from easy access to AI-based crypto saving plans in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Stellar, etc. and superior crypto investment opportunities, such as portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs, without any technological adoption barriers.

savedroid eliminates today’s complex and painful processes by creating a smart User Experience (“UX”), which conveniently auto-converts savings to cryptocurrencies, securely stores them, and makes them easily accessible, tradeable, and spendable. Hence, savedroid is the first German ICO1 driving crypto inclusion.

savedroid will leverage its existing core assets of state-of-the-art AI technology and great UX based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification to deliver this exceptional value proposition. In fact, savedroid is the very first ICO of a German stock corporation that follows German legislation and regulation to provide participants with the highest level of security.

Partner Ecosystem

savedroid has built a very strong ecosystem of renowned partners , many of them leaders in their respective field of operations. With these partners, savedroid can not only offer the best services to its users but can also benefit from the reach, trust and reliance of its strong partners. We choose our partners based on capability of innovation, implementation speed, reputation and user focus.

Let’s start with Deutsche Börse. As operator of the trading platform Xetra and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse calculates the DAX share index and is listed with their shares on the DAX. When the Deutsche Börse opened its Fintech Hub in Frankfurt in 2016, savedroid was one of the first tenants. Together with four other startups, savedroid uses the infrastructure of the incubator.

This includes access to the network of Deutsche Börse AG. savedroid is thereby part of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network with over 400 members from all over Europe. The Deutsche Börse brings together young growth companies and investors on this platform. Since its founding in 2015, approximately 1.4 billion US dollars of investment were collected via the venture network.

The smart saving app by savedroid is implemented with the support of the Wirecard Bank. Wirecard manages the technical and banking law requirements for the savedroid savings account, into which the users of the app, with the help of the so-called “smooves”, transfer money. Wirecard, based near Munich, is a publicly-traded international technology and financial services company with approximately 4,000 employees, over one billion euros turnover and a market capitalization of more than 10 billion euros. Wirecard is one of the top five stocks on the German technology stock index TecDAX.

Another savedroid partner in the top five of the TecDAX is the telecommunications company Drillisch, located near Frankfurt. Drillisch is one of the largest high-flyers on the German stock market and its share price has increased by a factor of 80 since 2009.

The company is one of the most aggressively priced discount cell phone providers in Germany and is active with the brand yourfone. For savedroid, Drillisch comes into play when recommending more affordable cell phone services to users of the app. Our second partner for the optimization of cell phone contracts is Freenet, a company with nearly 5,000 employees and more than three billion euros turnover.

When it comes to the optimization of electricity contracts, savedroid cooperates with Check24. Check24 is Germany’s largest Internet comparison portal with a turnover of more than EUR 500 million.

Start in 12-01-2018
Ended in 09-03-2018
Symbol SVD
Price 1 EUR = 100 SVD
For sale 6,000,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting EUR, USD, BTC, ETH

  • Marco Trautmann - Founder & COO
  • Tobias Zander - Founder & CTO
  • Michael Fehse - Chief Data Officer
  • Jan Gabriel Pleser - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Matthew Kirschnick - Senior Product Owner
  • Sebastian Hoffmann - Smart Contract Developer
  • Michael Ryvlin - Senior Backend Developer
  • Patrick Täufer - Mobile Developer
  • Patrick Gotta - UX Designer
  • Lennart Czienskowski - UX Designer
  • Michaela Wenner - Art Director
  • Alla Brodski-Guerniero - Data Scientist
  • Gautam Kumar Pramanik - Data Scientist
  • Lucien Tavano - Vice President Internationalisation
  • Alexandra Hofmann - Head of Business Development & HR
  • Lydia Witzmann - Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sina Reubelt - Blockchain Partner Management
  • Parna Youssufzay - Customer Service
  • Stefan Telin - Customer Service

  • 2015
    savedroid founded
  • 2016
    Selection for Deutsche Börse FinTech Hub, seed financing, Wirecard partnership, launch of Android and iOS mobile apps and AI algorithm, 50K+ app downloads
  • 2017
    Upgrade to self-learning AI algorithm, launch of spend optimization, growth financing, 200K+ app downloads, 10M+ savings transactions
  • 2018
    Self-learning AI algorithm enabling convenient cryptosaving in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash etc., providing easy access without technological barriers
  • 2019
    Self-learning AI algorithm enabling smart saving and spending in and across cryptocurrencies, providing hassle-free crypto switching and payments
  • 2020
    Self-learning AI algorithm enabling smart investments in cryptocurrency portfolios, derivates, and ICOs, providing cost-efficient and diversified returns


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