Seele – Introducing the New Era of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain system along with its apps have been growing continuously, reaching a wider area. Consortium chains and numerous digital cryptocurrencies have emerged, causing a highly competitive environment. Not only does this development of blockchain tech bring greater opportunity for different users in this digital age, it, on the other hand, cause a number of problems. The detail of the problems is explained below.

Existing problems

Along with the rapid growth of blockchain tech and its apps, some problems gradually arise. This problem emerged because the inability of existing technologies to handle the evolving digital economy. Some of the prominent issues are the inability of large-scaling performance, the inability of assisting business development, and the incapability to share assets and information to other blockchain networks. Without effective solutions, the problems will be growing further, becoming more difficult to solve.

Solutions Proposed by Seele

In responding to the problems above, Seele is attempting to make improvement in some aspects of the blockchain. First, it will propose a new neural consensus algorithm that replaces the Byzantine Agreement (BA), the algorithm that is currently being used. The new algorithm will improve the fault tolerance up to 40%. Second, Seele proposes Heterogeneous Forest (HF). It is a network architecture that works for different application scenarios. It will serve as a mechanisms resource and security isolation for customized and general demand. It will solve problems related to the inability to scale for large-performance scale.

Another solution proposed by Seele is Value Transport Protocol (VTP) and Value HTTP. It will serve as fundamental protocols and infrastructure services for blockchain ecosystem. Last, but not least, Seele also proposes Quick Value Internet Connection protocol that meet the blockchain network requirements. By using this protocol, the transmission efficiency is improved.

Design Principles

Seele uses at least five principles in its design. The first one is Open System Architecture. This principle ensures transferability, customization, and interoperability in the underlying protocols and standards, serviceable framework, and higher level apps. The second principle is Efficient First. It means that Seele will serve as an efficient and robust platform for business, providing fast and reliable value transfer. The third principle is Resource Isolation. With this principle, multi-service intervention can be avoided. Blockchain network structure will develop dynamically and Seele will fully support this vigorous growth. As a result, the dynamic expansion of storage capacity and digital resources can be obtained.

The other principle is Experience First. Seele will use standardized communication protocols together with SDKs and IDEs, and module interface qualifications, to provide users with full-scale multi-perspective progress and service support. All of these five design principles become the basis of proposing the solutions as described above.

Token Utility

Seele has a unique consensus algorithm with exceptional features. The consensus efficiency will be higher if more nodes join. For this reason, Seele encourages more nodes to join the network in order to increase the performance and security level of the network. Therefore, Seele introduces a token mechanism. It’s SEELE token. The token will have two main functions. First, it will be used to charge transaction fees within the platform. Second, it will be utilized to reward participated nodes.

Information about ICO Sale

Unfortunately, there is not any information found about the token sale both from the whitepaper and the website. From other sources, it is found that the crowdsale of Seele tokens had been carried out on April 3rd 2018 and it lasted for only one day. It means that it has already ended since a couple months ago. For further and more valid information about the token sale, as well as other information, it is recommended to join Seele Telegram group. There, you can communicate with other members, too. Moreover, there is an admin who keeps updating the latest news and information.

Seele Bounty Program

What is still happening at the moment is the Bounty Program. From its website, the Bounty Program was commenced on 28th May and it will end on 28th June 2018. There are 5 million tokens available for this Seele-Bounty program. The information about this program can be found from the official website. Participants should also join Seele Telegram group. There is an admin there who is ready to answer all of the participants’ question related to the event.

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