Tue, 18 Dec 2018

Seratio Platform

The Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance

The Seratio token and the philosophy of transacting intangible value has been in development since 2011. Its early beginnings was the ability to compare and understand an organisation’s impact on their communities and environment, providing the measures to support legislation in the UK, Europe and Internationally. Our ultimate goal, the ability to record and transact with our values has, at last, become a reality with blockchain capability.

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance Limited ‘CCEG’, is a UK registered, independent not-for-profit entity that will oversee a fundraiser to complete the vision. CCEG, which span out of a UK university in 2013, is the global leader in the Movement of Value with over 60,000 members and academic partner offices in New York and Shanghai. CCEG will allocate the Seratio, a digital token based on Ethereum that captures both financial and non-financial value transactions simultaneously.

The Seratio Enterprise Blockchain Platform is an all-in-one blockchain environment (platform) that enables beneficiaries to keep track of the value and impact they make, and most importantly profit from it in many different ways. Seratio Token (SER) is the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token, compliant to UK regulatory frameworks.The unique feature of the Seratio token is the ability to capture the financial assets, microshares and provenance of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organizations.

Seratio Blockchain platform is to unite and manage under three key themes:

- Cryptocurrency (financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
- Tokenised Currency (non-financial assets) linked to intangible value and sets of values
- Provenance (both financial and non-financial assets) traceability recording and tracking.


Project Type: Token

Symbol: SER

Platform: Ethereum

Category: Infrastructure

Tokens generation cap: 100,000,000 SER

Tokens exchange: 1 SER = 0.20 GBP


15th September 2017 - 50%

18th September 2017 - 40%

21st September 2017 - 30%

24th September 2017 - 20%

27th September 2017 - 10%

Token issue Blockchain DLT with microshare and asset value - £500k

SAPI metrics - £1.6m

Provenance - £1m

Apps - £1m+

Marketing and contingency - £900k

Start in 15-09-2017
Ended in 30-10-2017

Prof Olinga Ta’eed – Chairman

Barbara Mellish – CEO

Maryam Taghiyeva – Chief System Architect

Daniel De Souza – Head of Blockchain Development

Sajin Abdu – Head of IT

Roy Zou – Head of Blockchain Strategy

Stella Ku – Head of China Office

Joanne Evans – Head of Projects

Dinh Ho – Head of Provenance

Community Manager – Ivan Albrado

Robin Zhang (Zhang Quan) – Network Operations Advisor

Q1 2018
Seratio tokens issue to Seratio-Wallets and Minting Close

Q2 2018
Microshares issue

Q3 2018
Seratio Platform launch

Q3 2018
Planned date for other Seratio Family SDG Alt-tokens trading


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