SKYFchain –The First Business-to-Robots (B2R) Operating Platform in Cargo Industry

The cost of logistics is becoming higher. One of the effective solutions is to utilize unmanned cargo robots operating on the ground, at the sea, and in the air which can reduce the cost significantly. Besides, it can boost efficiency for industrial customers and users. There is actually a big market size for airborne drones, but it cannot be potentially realized due to some limitations in the current industry such as expensive insurance, unsupportive regulations, and lack of stable credit. At the moment, the industry is carried out and controlled by large companies or startups. There are no universal operating platforms for cargo robots.

SKYFchain Operating platform will be the pioneer for business-to-robots (B2R) operating platform built based on blockchain that can be operated globally in cargo robotics industry. The platform will use SKYF drone for expansion of unmanned business process. In the future, SKYFchain will connect all other unmanned cargo systems.

Existing Problems

There are some problems occurred in the unmanned drone industry. Until today there is no universal operating system where clients can check the safety itineraries including the technical conditions of drones. What people want in the first place is the state of being safe. The existing operation platforms are not reliably certified. For this reasons, public authorities limit the flight range of drones. This problem exists not only in the flight industry but also in all cargo robotic markets. Furthermore, there is a costly insurance applied in the industry. It is due to the many stakeholders involved in the process of done operations. Stakeholders here can be in the form drone service providers, manufacturers, operator companies, clients, and pilots. Moreover, it is often not clear who the liable party is. It results in the difficulty to give the insurance payment as the insurance company has no idea to whom the money should be given.

There is also a problem related to the technical problem like the short flight range of existing drones. In order to fly in a wider range, good rotor dynamics need effective accumulator batteries. However, they are hardly available. This issue can be solved with the use of internal combustion engine but it is difficult to implement since the drones are weighty. On the other hand, the cost of the hybrid engine is generally too expensive.


In order to solve the problem of the transparency and high-cost insurance, SKYFchain OP will store all the required data on a blockchain so insurance companies can access them for assessing the risks quickly and easily. In this way, the insurance policy fee can be reduced. Besides, because the liable party is known, insurance payment can be given quicker. Additionally, the SKYFchain OP can provide a regulation standard that rules legal environment for the business. In other words, SKYFchain provides a transparent and trusted operating platform where insurance companies can control over their assets.

Meanwhile, in addressing the problem related to the gasoline engine, a new aerodynamic design is used. The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) are designed based on patented aerodynamic that is able to perform various challenging tasks. Compared to other existing solutions, SKYF drones are easier to operate. The operation cost is cheaper, too. Increasing payload and flight range and configuring other characteristics are possible as this solution allows for scaling. Furthermore, SKYFchain provides fully licensed key electronic pieces, software, and functioning documentation. It means that it has complete and secure facilities that users can use.

SKYFchain believes that that the use of globally advanced VTOL drones can result in fickle expansion in application areas, primarily in 100-150 kg payload market segment.

About SKYFT Token

As a utility token, SKYFT will serve as the main and internal currency of SKYFchain. This token will be issued through ICO. The ICO sale for the token will start in May 2018. As the internal currency, it will be required for any transactions. There are 1.2 billion tokens created. 1 SKYFT costs 0,065 USD. This token meets the standard of USA’s SEC. The US accredited investors can buy the tokens.

In the next article, further information about the ICO token sale will be presented. You will also meet the team behind SKYF and learn about the project plan from the roadmap.

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