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Decentralized social marketplace

Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members. Users are encouraged to engage in actions that will benefit other members and the community as a whole by rewarding such actions with Soma Community (SCT), a cryptocurrency designed to incentivize the members of the decentralized community to perform value-adding services and act as a fast, secure and cost-effective way of compensation.

Every transaction that happens inside the SOMA™ platform will not only change the ownership of the physical item but also the corresponding ownership of the Interactive Item Card (IIC). IIC is a digital representation of the physical item. It includes information about the ownership data, the condition of the physical item, the genuineness of the item and the price history. Most importantly, the IIC will accumulate social value inside the Soma Community through different social interactions from the users, which may be reflected in the value of the physical item.

Soma Community Tokens will have a maximum of 60,000,000 units. We are launching 60,000,000 SCT in ICO, of which 54,000,000 are sold at ICO. The last 6,000,000 SCT units will be used for growth, such as marketing and rewarding active community members. Funds are managed by Soma. Note that the pre sale bonuses are paid out of this (6,000,000 SCT) fund. As for the ICO round - the funds will be utilized as follows:

35% Marketing and area launches

20% Product development and technology

20% Legal issues and patents

15% Operational team

10% Community reward (We’ll reward the ambassadors and marketers of the community)

Pre sale is Limited on 8 000 ETH and 4 weeks. If the pre sale is completed before the four-week time limit, it will be closed. Bonuses are booked according to the arrival time. Bonuses will be paid from Soma's share of SCT. Pre sale motivation bonuses goes:

1-2 day 25%

3-7 day 20%

Week 2 15%

Week 3 10%

Week 4 5%

The maximum ICO cap is 120,000 ETH. In the ICO campaign of every 1,500 ETH, we are expanding our marketplace to a new region or state. The goal is to grow in favor of the early adopter. See the next section for more information.

Token Sales:

Symbol: SCT

Token price: 1 ETH = 450 SCT

Max cap: 120 000 ETH

Supply for Token sale: 54 000 000 SCT

Accepts: ETH

Hard cap: 120,000 ETH

35% Marketing and area launches

20% Product development and technology

20% Legal issues and patents

15% Operational team

10% Community reward

Start in 26-09-2017
Ended in 26-10-2017

Jukka Hilmola

Joseph Al Sharif

Sami Suosalo

Ville Valkonen

Sylwia Rogowicz

Tomasz Cichowicz

Anna Makowska

Vladimir Serbin

Tomasz Klim

Arto Joensuu: Advisor

Marcin Zduniak - Advisor

Michael Gord - Advisor

Aki Inkeroinen - Advisor

Dominik Zyskowski - Advisor

Q3 / 2016
Development of Soma began

Q4 / 2016
Soma secured its first funding round (Pre-seed)

Q1 / 2017
Soma raised capital from the angel investors with a valuation of 1,5 million euros

Q3 / 2017
ICO and closed alpha release

Q4 / 2017
Closed beta release / Technical white paper

Q1 / 2018
Open beta release

Q2 / 2018
MVP release


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