Tue, 18 Dec 2018


Signal Token Protocol

Token symbol Sigs
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 Sigs = 0.50 USD
Tokens suplay 150,000,000
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 40,000,000 USD
Escrow At the most fundamental level, we are implementing an escrow that will oversee and regulate release of funds
Bonus 0 - 2kk USD raised 40%
2kk - 10kk USD raised 25%
10kk - 25kk USD raised 15%
25kk - 40kk USD raised 0%

About Spectiv

Spectiv is the creator and initial adopter of the Signal Token protocol. This protocol decentralizes the interaction between advertisers, content publishers, viewers, and curators. It is open-source and intended for other media platforms to build upon.

Spectiv will offer

  • Community-Driven VR Content
    Spectiv enables ordinary users to stream any personal experiences with their own VR equipment. This content can range from professionally produced to casually recorded uploads.
  • Commercial VR Events
    VR live streams will address sporting events, concerts, and more from premium seat proximities for a truly engaging perspective. This enables viewers to not only watch popular events, but to be fully immersed in the atmosphere remotely.
  • Spectiv OriginalsTM
    Original VR content produced by Spectiv, voted on by the community. Spectiv users have a say in what they want to experience. While the Spectiv Company is the issuer of SIGs, for technical security purposes, each user will have complete control over the SIGs they purchase. Hence, a repeat of the possibility of an Equifax-style2 hack, due to the centralization of information management, would not be possible as each user’s account (“Wallet”) must be compromised individually3.

Signal Token Protocol

The Signal Token (SIG) Protocol is designed to decentralize the buying, selling, and rewarding of attention across media platforms by removing centralized intermediaries from advertising transactions.

Spectiv will act as the first adopter for this protocol, generating real-world application data to support future adoption by other media platforms.

  • Ad Campaign Smart Contracts
    Using the Signal Token Protocol, an advertiser can use SIGs via a smart contract associated with target content. This content is now active, or “hot,” which means publishers, viewers, and curators can engage with that advertiser through the smart contract and be rewarded with SIGs for driving attention to that content.

    Every ad view and click that occurs is communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract through a third-party oracle. The Ad Campaign Smart Contract will then autonomously reward SIGs to the users participating in that engagement. By utilizing smart contracts, a publicly verifiable blockchain, and trusted oracles, this protocol can directly disintermediate the “trade” of attention.

  • Open-Source Protocol
    The Spectiv Company developed the Signal Token Protocol specifically for use within Spectiv, but we understand that accurate attention data analytics are difficult to perfect. Additionally, we understand that for real-world advertisers to engage with SIGs, the protocol must accommodate more than just Spectiv content.

    We have developed SIGs for any ad-driven media platform to use and build upon; video-based, audio-based, written, or mixed. In other words, the Signal Token utility is not fixed to Spectiv. Rather, it is built to be its own decentralized, autonomous protocol that can support multiple attention economies. Each media platform can integrate its own unique mechanisms for monitoring genuine attention data, contributing to the long-term effectiveness of the protocol.

  • 60% Tokens: Crowdsale Allocation
  • 20% Tokens: Spectiv Site Reserve Allocation
  • 14% Tokens: Management Team Allocation
  • 4% Tokens: Escrow and Advisor Allocation
  • 2% Tokens: Bounty Campaign Allocation

Start in 08-12-2017
Ended in 28-12-2017

  • Dylan Senter - CEO
  • Nick Ravanbaksh - COO
  • Chris Pena - CTO
  • Bryn Bellamy - Solidity Developer
  • Ramon Hernandez - UI Developer
  • Justin Wood - Platform Developer
  • Jasmine Nguyen - UX Developer
  • Jin Chang - Platform Developer
  • Mirza Baig - Business Strategy

  • Q2 2017
    - Finalize terms of employment within team and recruit supplemental developers and interns.
    - Finalize company structure, including equity split, advisor/investor relations, employee agreement.
    - Start initial platform marketing campaign.
  • Q3 2017
    - Launch full Crowdsale of Signal Tokens.
    - Hire additional platform developers.
    - Work on development of Alpha platform.
    - Secure content contributions with existing VR enthusiasts around the world.
    - Subsidize popular content creators to adopt VR recording systems and

    contribute their content to our platform.

  • Q4 2017
    - Grow user base and incentivize user-driven contributions.
    - Release Alpha version of platform.
    - Optimize platform; gather feedback and resolve kinks found in alpha.
    - Begin discussions for licensing arrangements and partnerships with commercial organizations.
  • Q1 2018
    - Release beta version of platform.
    - Execute full online marketing campaign and referral program.
    - Introduce advertisers and ad rewards.
  • Q2 2018
    - Make pointed efforts to establish a wide selection of VR experiences,

    focusing specifically on variety of content.
    - Launch official Spectiv website and platform.
    - Robust ad rewards system for advertisers, viewers, and content creators.
    - Contingent on milestones met, begin plans for Spectiv original VR content.


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