Spindle – Helps More People to Enjoy their Assets Investment

Recently, the number of collapsing global credit from traditionally centralized countries and their central banks is increasing. It is because some problems that occur in that sector. In the other hand, decentralized markets involving cryptocurrency is developing rapidly disrupting the conventional centralized markets. Considering both problems in the existing problems in the investment industry and the market opportunity, Spindle comes with its platform to remove centralized authority and attract more people to participate in assets investment and management.

The Aim of Spindle Project

Spindle is the pioneer of asset management platform that eliminates the centralized authority so more users can take part in investing their asses on the base of equal footing. Spindle is convinced that equal footing can increase the value of the investors’ assets in potential developed decentralized markets. Beyond that, people can enjoy the investment process and feel the benefits in their everyday lives. The objectives of the Spindle project are to assist people in investment and asset management that provide them with enriched lives and to get rid of any exploitative social structure caused by centralized regulation.

The Current Problems in Virtual Currency

As mentioned previously, the world of virtual currency keeps growing exponentially but, there are some barriers faced by people use it. The barriers include the inhabitation of free trading because of strict regulation set by authorities and the inhibition of establishing financial democratization through market decentralization. Furthermore, there are still many people who lack investment literacy. The excessive regulation set by the state authorities does not make sense. Economic activities regarding cryptocurrency should be principally free as long as there is no crime confirmed.

Instead of protecting the people, those excessive regulations can interrupt technology and economy development. For example, nowadays there are so-called anonymous digital currencies and government agencies are trying to exclude them for no acceptable reasons. They claim that these cryptocurrencies can be used for evading tax or for transferring unfair enrichment. Meanwhile, there is no evidence for these reasons. Until there is a proof that the cryptocurrencies are used for the illegal transaction, there should not be any exclusion of these various virtual cryptocurrencies. Instead of giving protection, these restrictions can disadvantage holders due to the economic loss they experience.

The other problem is due to the inhabitation of decentralization. The increased regulation is the big challenge in achieving the ideal goal of Bitcoin. Given these facts, Spindle is attempting to establish the platform that can be a medium that makes cryptocurrency trading accessible to anyone. Spindle will use a series of implemented programs called Zeta

Spindle Solutions through its Zeta

Through Zeta, Spindle will offer some solutions that effectively address each solution. First, it will enable people to invest their assets fairly and freely. A transparent and fair platform will be developed to enable people to take the benefits of their investment. Spindle will also automatize the credit storing system by autonomous beings. Nowadays, the existing credit scoring platforms built over the centralized system are based on large companies and countries that monopolize the market.

Some countries are establishing unique ways of credit scoring system. The US, for example, is going to use FICO sore to have credit scoring calculate while China is also on its way to developing a unique credit system. Spindle will be the first platform that use autonomous human being to count credit scoring. It will increase the value of big data in the cryptocurrency economy as there is no arbitrary intervened.

Besides, in order to address a problem regarding the inhibition in decentralization, Spindle will use blockchain technology to create a distributed architecture that attracts people to believe in the idea of the decentralization itself.

ICO Token Sale

The company will issue tokens that will be the means of payment system within the Spindle platform. The name of the token is SPD token. The crowdsale of SPD token will be carried out during 9th May to 15th May 2018. There is no minimum purchase for the sale. The price is 0.00033 ETH for 1 SPD token.

Further information about the ICO sale will be given in the next article. You will also be informed about the roadmap of Spindle project and the team behind the project.

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