SprintX Can Help Your Future Business ICO and Makes Your Dream Comes True

In this global world, everything is connected. Someone from somewhere can connect to the person on the other side of the world. One of the examples is when doing business. People from the US can invest a business in South Korea or vice versa. There’s something called IPO (Initial Public Offering), this thing was usually done in fiat currency. This age, we know token or cryptocurrency. This currency also can be used for investing in a business or a program. Investing in cryptocurrency or token usually call ICO (initial Coin Offering).

The problem that we faced

The problem is usually people only interested investing in an already running and successful business. For a new model or new concept of business, it’s really hard to get investors. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of talented people with a brilliant new business idea which didn’t have any recognition and source. Come from this problem, SprintX interested in helping those people to achieve their dream.

What is SprintX and how does it work?

SprintX is a blockchain based platform which helps a lot of new startup programmer and a new business idea to get their investment from anyone who interested. SprintX helps those people to completed and promote their business in the crowd.

SprintX not working alone, it works with other platform called SwitchX to help you exchange cryptocurrency to fiat with help from the debit card after you get the investment in ICO program. So this is the step: first, you should send an application to SprintX and they will analyze it and decide will that application goes to the next step or not. If you succeed in the first step you will meet NOVA Fundaciόn. SprintX platform also works and partner with NOVA Fundaciόn. NOVA is a foundation that helps people from SwitchX to analyze and develop the program so it can jump into further phase. NOVA will give funds to a startup looking at their developing and participation rate. your process with NOVA called incubation and it will last for 16 weeks.

When you ready to launch ICO SprintX will make it for you and with SwitchX help, you can change your cryptocurrency foundation into fiat and begin to run your program.

SprintX team and roadmap

If we want to invest in something make sure the program’s team and future roadmap is dependable and clear. SprintX team and advisors are consisting of great people. The advisors are Yagub Rahimov, Steve Good, Elie Galam, Dan Handy, Daniel Amato, Joshua Codniecwicz, and much more. The teams are Jose Rivas, Brigham Santos, Adrian Gomez, Fabiola Leon, Carloz Carranza, Oscar Machado, and many more. They all a well-educated people in the field also they have a great experience in technology, marketing, designing, economy, an administrative and another field that can support this SprintX platform.

SprintX is something that already planned in August 2017, at the end of 2017 the team also has done making software development of beta versions, making whitepaper and planning ICO. In 2018. The pre ICO begin on 19 March to 10 April 2018 and the main sale on 23 April to 23 June 2018. Total token available is 2.600.000.000.

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