Sun, 16 Dec 2018


Tokenising Global Trade

The Trade Exchange (TEX) brings a revolutionary new disruptive concept to the world of international trade with the introduction of an Alibaba style platform that integrates the power of the Blockchain and a decentralized ledger to simplify and revolutionize the complex world of import and exports. It is envisaged that the TEX platform will form a critical bridge between American and Chinese trade by providing a central place where products can be listed and sourced, deals can be negotiated, and payments can be transacted all via single payment method (TEXCOIN) with all of the contract details remaining unchangeable on the Blockchain.

TEX stands for openness, fairness, and the reduction of the current influence that banking institutions have over trade through their strangle hold on payment methods and letters of credit. No matter where you are in the world you should be facing an even playing field when it comes to negotiating and transacting with overseas manufacturers. Presently, this isn't the case with smaller importer/exporters and often the banking and foreign exchange fees alone make it difficult to complete with larger operators. Imagine having an open trade platform that doesn't rely upon financial institutions or the costs around the use of fiat currency. No middleman...just you deciding with whom and how to trade with someone.

Phase 1: Pre-ICO Crowd sale of approximately 5% of the tokens. 2,500,000 TEXCOINS (2.5 million) tokens released.

Phase 2: ICO Sale of 75% of remaining TEXCOIN Tokens. 37,500,000 TEXCOINS (37.5 Million) tokens released.

Platform Development: 50%

Global Marketing: 20%

Financial and Legal Issues: 15%

Team and Administration: 10%

Start in 07-11-2017
Ended in 30-11-2017

Steven Knight - Founder and CEO

Our primary goal in undertaking this ICO is to bring our Trade Exchange (TEX) platform to the global market to reduce the friction and costs around international trade transactions. The introduction of the TEX system will significantly improve trade opportunities and provide greater transparency around contracts and costs. This will enable more efficient merchandise exports and provide a platform for sourcing, selling, and negotiating the sale of goods.

This is a large undertaking and to do this successfully, we need support from the community in our Pre-ICO and full ICO funding phases to make this happen. In addition, we hope that the token community will actively participate with us through the development process to ensure a viable and useable product.


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