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Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

We Are the Revolution.

The usage of blockchain is getting more and more frequent. It is a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoins, so it is your online money. Titanium is one such company that dwell in the world of blockchains, and Titanium has many reasons for being one of if not the best when dealing with things such as this one.

But no matter how hard my endeavor is in advertising Titanium, it will never mean anything if none of you understands what blockchains are. That is why I shall list to you some several examples that will certainly help you get to know blockchains better. There are several sectors and domains that can use blockchain. Here are the few examples of blockchain usages today.

Smart contracts are the first prime example of it

Contracts can be made by using blockchain to secure distributed ledgers under certain conditions. Usually, the blockchains used as smart contracts is Ethereum. It is an open source blockchain specifically created to be traded in this domain. Although it is younger compared to other blockchain, some analysts predict that Ethereum can create big impact.

The sharing economy

Major startup companies like Uber and AirBnB are the examples of start-up powerhouse that already use the benefit of blockchain. The user of the application will ask permission to the service they use through intermediary, which is companies like Uber and AirBnB. It is a decentralized economy heaven where there is no single source as the main money circulator.

Supply chain auditing

In today’s era, the user or consumer of a service are curious to know that the product produced by a certain company is legit or no. By using distributed ledgers, the user will know that things they buy is genuine. Decentralized money circulation make blockchain is very transparent and everyone can see which product goes into who. The good example of supply chain auditing can be seen in The UK-based Provenance. They manage the fish sold in Japan that come from Indonesia through Ethereum blockchain.

File storage

Like mentioned before, decentralized economy and data create ultimate transparency. Another benefit is that it can’t be hacked or corrupted easily since everyone knows the data distribution. The operation of distributed web usually uses IPFS or Inter Planetary File System. It is almost the same to the system used in BitTorrent, IPFS will keep the data decentralized. With this system applied, the web will have higher file transfer speed and streaming times. This is an important upgrade because in the future, there will be more web and data circulation that potentially may load slowly if using old system.

Protection of intellectual property

Decentralized distribution ledgers mean that the owner can feel much safer. Although digital information can be reproduced and distributed widely, smart contract can be used to protect copyright and automate the money generated by the product. This will eliminate stealing and reproducing threat from those irresponsible people or dangerous web users.

A good example of this is Mycelia, a peer-to-peer music distribution system based in the UK and by singer and songwriter, the property of Imogen Heap. Mycelia enables other singers and songwriters to directly sell their songs to people, and also let producers and contractors license the song. The system is automated by smart contracts. Using micropayments or cryptocurrency amounts, the use of blockchain will certainly make this kind of business success in the future.

Identity management

Implying true identity on the internet can be both safe and dangerous. In the online transaction, the ability to verify an identity of a person is crucial in order to avoid scam and other dangerous threats. Using distributed ledgers, people’s identity improves the security by utilizing digitized personal documents. This is very important especially if you are working in the world of sharing economy. But still, reputation is the biggest value if you are going to make an online transaction.

Creating standards for digitized personal documents is no easy task. Problems occurred when creating a certain standard for the entire world should be solved with the cooperation between private entities and government. Not only that, another barrier is navigating the legal system in in different countries, which are very diverse. SSL certificate is currently the security system used by most E-Commerce. SSL standard for the blockchain is pioneered by Netki.


AML & KYC or anti-money laundry & know your customer will be applied and adapted to the current the blockchain. Today, financial institutions still need to do multiple step to perform the intensive process to identify and register new customer. KYC will increase analysis and monitoring effectiveness along with reduced costs through cross-institution client verification. A good example of AML and KYC technology can be seen in companies like Polycoin that has AML/KYC solution that plays role in analyzing transaction. A startup company, Trade, use their own application called Trust in Motion or TiM that works like Instagram that is special for KYC. The data is a screenshot captured by the user, and TiM will allow the data to be transferred and cryptographically stored in the blockchain.

The Data management

In today’s era, we could see that people fill complete personal data on multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for free. In the future, the user can make their data marketable generated by their online works and actions. Because this transaction usually distributed in a small fractional amount, in bitcoin and another similar cryptocurrency will most likely be used for this kind of transaction.

The Enigma project by MIT pays attention to user’s privacy. it is their main element for creating marketplace filled with personal data. Cryptographic techniques are used in this project so the data can be split into nodes, then bulk computations over those data in groups at the same time. Enigma is also scalable since the stored data is fragmented, different with blockchain solutions that usually replicate date on each node.

Stock trading benefits from it as well

In stock trading, the safety level provided by blockchains is very dependable and can add more efficiency. If peer to peer system is applied, trade confirmations will be as close as instantaneous compared to the traditional system that requires clearance time for three days. But, the downside of using blockchains in stock trading is the elimination of intermediaries. The examples clearing house, custodians, and auditors.

There are a lot of stocks and commodities exchange that already use blockchain applications for that service they offer. Big names like the Deutsche Börse ( the Frankfurt stock exchange), ASX ( the Australian Securities Exchange, as well as the JPX ( the Japan Exchange Group), are companies that already utilize blockchains. Another big name that pioneer blockchain utilization is Nasdaq’s Ling. Ling do a partnership with Chain, a blockchain tech company, at their introductory share trade back in 2015. Recent event done by Nasdaq is the announcement of voting for proxy on Estonian Stock Market that uses trial blockchain.

Start in 01-01-2017
Ended in 01-03-2018
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  • Richard Whitaker - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
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  • Jesse Ure - Ethereum Developer
  • Eran Jenkins - Network Administrator
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  • Jason Brink - Graphic Designer | Technical Writer
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  • Vincent Fullerton - Technical Advisor (NEM Core Team Member)

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