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Token symbol TIO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 600-900 TIO
Tokens for sale 275,000,000
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 55%
Decimals 18
Bonus Dec 7th 1 ETH = 900 TIO
Dec 14th 1 ETH = 800 TIO
Dec 21st 1 ETH = 700 TIO
Dec 28th 1 ETH = 600 TIO platform is a kind of platform aiming at being a leading platform in the world to change some financial assets with blockchain technology. This is a useful platform for investors to fund and develop their assets in a safe and promising way. Let’s discuss the trading platform.

Being the Next Generation of Trading Platform

What do you know about demonstrates itself to be the next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology. This platform is created to disturb quo status in a financial market to welcome a new era of trading and funding. is made of a developer team based in Swiss famously known to be Crypto Valley. The initial purpose of platform is creating a trading and financial platform for crypto asset built in a blockchain technology. But, a long – term purpose is to offer foreign currency and cfd for precious metal, global equity, commodities, and oil.

Being a Problem Solver in World’s Financial Market was built due to some purposes. It is used to solve main problems in world’s financial market. It is a kind of whitepaper ways to describe the problems. This platform sees a chance to use a blockchain technology. By using a trading blockchain platform, promises to democratizate the market, save money for investors and company, reduce and even remove the fund, and prevent inefficiency.

Potential Main Features of Platform is expected to offer trading transactions with more than 120 different financial instruments. It includes cryptography, forex pair, and cfd at exchange index, commodities, exchanges, energy, and metal. Some main features of this platform include several aspects. It is a leading platform to trade some financial assets based on blockchain technology. It becomes a leading exchange for traditional company to collect fund from crypto society.

This platform also becomes a cost – effective platform to facilitate banking investment facilitates by reducing consultation cost. It is to be a huge trading liquidity pool consisting of trade token holders for gaining profits. It has trade tokens, a built – in platform money, involving 5 assets of top crypto based on market price.

Benefits of Platform

This trading platform have some aims giving all benefits for investors. The first one is about blockchain technology. Blockchain gives a stable note and record for every transaction in a client account to ensure complete transparency through blockchain. It is about liquidity pool being an available transparency income including margin cost and transactional result. Investment banking is also to be benefit of this trading platform. It helps new fund in collecting fund and recording in exchange.

Daily distribution can be enjoyed while you’re using this trading platform. The members of liquidity pool can participate in daily distribution paid directly to digital wallet. The next benefit is getting token utility without friction. platform uses trade token or TIO used for changing and participating in a mutual liquidity pool. It has an experienced team including management and management adviser from fintech, investment banking, trading space, and blockchain.

  • 275 000 000 Tokens for PRE-ICO and ICO
  • 100 000 000 Founders and Developers
  • 50 000 000 Tokens for Liquidity Pool
  • 55 000 000 Reserved Tokens
  • 20 000 000 Advisors and Vendors

Start in 07-12-2017
Ended in 04-01-2018

  • Jim Preissler - CEO
  • Chien Lee - Board Member
  • Damian Mcdowell - Board Member
  • Roy Gutshall - Board Member
  • Manmohan Singh - Chief Strategy Officer
  • William Heyn - Capital Markets
  • Charles Voltron - Chief Technology Officer
  • Luke Szkudlarek - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Desikan Narasimhan - Chief Engineering Officer
  • Ravi Condamoor - Chief Data Officer
  • John Valenti - VP Institutional Sales
  • Eugene Vaynblat - Operations Manager
  • Lori Thodde - Finance Manager
  • Kendra Holman - Head Customer Relations
  • Simon Choi - Head Of Legal, APAC
  • Roy Hen - Product Advisor

  • September 2017
    - is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland
  • November 2017
    - PRE-ICO
    - FINMA Sandbox License for Fintech Innovators Application
  • December 2017
    - ICO
    - Early adoption by FXPRIMUS & Primus Capital UK which provides springboard to deploy innovation to a network of hundreds of thousands.
    - MT4 Blockchain Integration
  • January 2018
    - Formation of Liquidity Pool
  • April 2018
    - Launch Exchange
  • July 2018
    - Swiss Banking license and Launch Investment Bank
  • August 2018
    - Integrate into platform, including MT4 starting with FXPRIMUS & Primus Capital Markets
  • December 2018
    - IPO


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