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Your Laser Sword in Cryptocurrency Trading

The previous article presents the problems that crypto traders, especially the new and inexperienced ones, are dealing with. From the article, you have also read about the solutions proposed by Tradelize to solve the issues. Here we will focus on the information regarding the target users of Tradelize and the benefits of the platform for the users

Tradelize Users

A single trading terminal that creates a seamless access to major crypto exchanges is necessary to reach the liquidity in the crypto economy. The Tradelize ecosystem contains a set of effective tools powered by blockchain to crypto trading mass adoption in a unique architecture. These solutions are suitable for different types of participants. The first one is the traders. They are the ones who sell and buy assets from cryptocurrency markets. Traders can use the Tradelize platform by the register at as a trader. After registering, they can deposit their funds. The next step is to download Tradelize.terminal, so they can step up their risk management. Finally, they can enjoy the Tradelize features.

The other participant is investors. They earn tokens from the ICO token sale but they do not trade the tokens yet. They can also be called as token holders. In order to use the platform, they can go to and register as an investor and deposit their funds. Then, they can choose Pro trader. Then, they can enjoy the profits. The platform can also be used by lay users. They have heard some information about cryptocurrency and been interested to participate in the market but they haven’t tried to get profit from it. They can download Tradelize app, deposit funds, choose Pro trader, and enjoy the features of Tradelize.

How Tradelize Benefits Its Users

Everyone who is involved in the Tradelize platform can enjoy some benefits. Investors, for example, can copy professionally in real time. They can copy the professionals’ trade automatically. Besides, the can make trading decisions by using the smart crowd. In addition, they can use the technology to support their trade. Not only does the platform give benefits for investors, it also benefits professional traders in various ways. First, because new investors follow the trades of Pro Traders, professional traders can get multiple returns. Second, they can track and trade on several exchanges at once via a single app.

ICO Token Timeline

The presale is live! It will end at the end of the month on 28 May 2018. Meanwhile, the crowdsale is coming soon. It will be held right after the presale period is closed that is on 29 May 2018. It will run for a month. The closing date is on 30 June 2018. Among the total number of TZD tokens that were issued, 50% of them are distributed for this token sale. 20% of the tokens are distributed for team, partners, and advisors. The same amount of tokens are distributed for partnerships. The company needs to cooperate with other providers or companies such as those of proprietary trading and private investment. Meanwhile, the other 10% of the tokens are reserved by the company.

Start in 15-07-2018
Ended in 31-08-2018
Symbol TDZ
Price 1 TDZ = 1 USD
For sale 50%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD


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