Ubcoin ICO Reviews #3

Previously you have been informed about the project of Ubcoin that is actually the expansion of its previous project, Ubank. The products and features have been clearly described in the previous article. The team should go through a long journey to achieve the goal of developing the project. The set of plans in developing Ubcoin Marketplace can be shown in the roadmap below.


The nearest target of Ubcoin is to conduct the token sale. After that, Ubcoin will develop the Beta Marketplace for the existing Ubank app in June 2018 followed by forming larger development team a month later which is in August. Still, in the same month, the company will develop Beta smart contract platform, support the new team, and list the UBC token on major exchanges. In September 2018, the company will expand its marketplace area. It will be launched in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and South Korea. However, the launches will not be done at the same time. It will take several months. While preparing the launch of the marketplace, during the first and second quarter of 2018, the company will also focus in developing Beta Open API and BETA AI screening, and be supporting UBC conversions from/to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company will keep launching Ubcoin Marketplace in other parts of the world during the rest of the year. For example, in the third quarter of 2019, it will launch the marketplace in South Asia and Western Europe. Meanwhile, in the last quarter of 2019, the marketplace will be launched in Latin America and North America.

Starting from 2020 to 2022, the company will focus on developing the platform organically and enriching customer experience by building partnerships with other non-crypto digital marketplaces.

The Team

Ubcoin has three founders. The first one is Felix Khachatryan. He is a successful entrepreneur who also has exceptional skills in Mobile app and SaaS. He has run several companies in the financial services industry. The second founder is Mazhar Jan. Have you ever heard about FLY Mobile? It is one of the top Russian smartphones brands. Mazhar is the founder of FLY Mobile. He has more than 20 years of experiences in sales, business development, and product management, and business strategies. The other founder is Andrew Lee. He has a great experience is the international market and mobile industry. The team partners with some professionals and influencers as their advisors.

Why invest in Ubcoin?

There are some reasons why investing in Ubcoin is a good idea. First, Ubcoin uses new groundbreaking technology to connect crypto and the real world. Investors will be fully assisted so they will not just bet on the unknown and perhaps unreliable invention. They can learn how to use cryptocurrency effectively and how to obtain them.

ICO Public Sale

The period of UBC public sale is from 2 April to 21 April 2018. This sale will be broken down into five stages. Every stage offers different price and bonus scheme for token buyers. The earlier you buy the token, the cheaper price you will get and the bigger bonus you will earn.

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