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Cryptocurrency that will become a part of every person

What is Union

UNION is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to engage all segments of the population with small and medium business around the world that will allow you to scale and develop blockchain platform in new directions, including a system of generosity from the users, which will allow you to make small donations in any place and in any way, and charity is firmly embedded in the everyday life of millions of people around the world. Thus, to attract ordinary people (regardless of social status, age and groups of citizens) and partners (small and medium business) in the BlockChain and charity. Key to our ecosystem is the innovation of

UnitLife Tokens, a unique Blockchain-secured digital asset with inherent value as a secure cryptocurrency, which may be:

- Virtual exchange offices, coin markets,

- Online-shops on the UNION platform,

- Buy tickets for raffle prizes, - Micro donations
that will allow you to scale and develop blockchain platform in new directions

How will the Union platform

YOU JUST USE THE MOBILE APPLICATIONS FROM THE UNION: Independent tool for the calculation and distribution of cryptocurrency UnitLife:
- Loyalty system from UNION in the form of cryptocurrency
UnitLife for users of mobile applications from the UNION.
1) Opened the mobile app - get UnitLife.

2) had a Bite at your favorite restaurant - get UnitLife.

3) Went for a run - get UnitLife.

4) Invited friends to us - get UnitLife.

5) Invited the counterparty to us - also get UnitLife.

6) Flew to rest (partners worldwide)- get UnitLife.

7) Invalids I and II groups, pensioners - get UnitLife every day
(in mobile apps or on the debit card UnitLife).
Cool You are missing out on a gift for a friend or girlfriend - get the missing UnitLife.

9) You love to help others (volunteer)- get UnitLife.

- Cashback in the form of cryptocurrency UnitLife (cashback form of loyalty, in the form of a return of funds from the purchase back to the buyer) that will be used by our partners in the UNION system to attract customers.

The breakdown of 100% UnitLife Tokens:

10% — both current and perspective ones, (Team).

40% — Buyers at the ICO (Fundraiser).

40% — Decentralized crypto fund (in UnitLife Tokens)
(Provision Crypto Fund).

5% — Security and Provision Fund
(Provision fund).

5% — Bounty/Reward for the partners (Bounty).

Start in 17-10-2017
Ended in 25-11-2017






Navas Semyon Shapiro - CMO


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