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Faster Transactions. Smarter Contracts.

Token symbol UTN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 UTN = 0.01 USD
Tokens suplay 20 M tokens
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 99,000,000 USD
Min. investment 10 USD
Bonus Pre-sale 20%

About Universa

Universa Platform is powered by the Universa Network – a swarm of Universa Core nodes composing the Universa Blockchain, and supporting the Universa Secure Signed Document Service (codenamed “Notary Cloud”). The Blockchain is only responsible for enforcing the validity of the state of transactions, while Notary Cloud acts as a verifiable warehouse for signatures of the original contracts.

For example, if a contract is executed that defines a “token” asset and distributes 1 token to each of 10,000 parties, only the hash-of-the-state of the final balances would be stored and saved onto the full blockchain (about 90 bytes), rather than a full accounting of all ten-thousand transactions and the balances of all user accounts, as is the case in Bitcoin or Ethereum; therefore, any future node connecting to the network would then benefit from over 99.99% size reduction in synchronizing this particular execution from blockchain, and it need only to retain the short hash of the current state at this block height to verify it. Furthermore, since the hashes from each contract are summarized into the master Universa chain via directed acyclical graph (DAG), rather than a naive synchronously-ordered blockchain, it's possible for asynchronous actions from different contracts and replays to occur out-of-order and still yield the same final hashes of global state.

The network is designed in this way, around contracts and their executions – “a transaction” – and each time an action is to be performed, all nodes are transmitted both the current state of the contract and the source of the operation to be performed. The state and the source are verified by hash-sum to be identical to the stored current state of the contract's side-chain (“C-Chains”), the operation is applied, and then the new state is hashed and agreed upon by 90% consensus; after a short period of time (10 days currently), the nodes are free to discard both the contract and the state – their hash sum signatures are stored in the Notary Cloud so later, the original contract can be supplied to the nodes and proven authentic – and only the hashes need be retained by nodes in the swarm. In this manner, the transaction speeds are hugely improved and the size of the blockchain is reduced to just enough information to verify the complete historical ledger. To verify a particular C-Chain, such as in triple-ledger accounting of the validity in a currency-like contract's balances, any actor may retain the contract source and transaction history (requesting, if necessary, that it be verified by Notary Cloud) and replay the actions, comparing the hash to the current value at the present state in the ledger.

Tokens distribution Tokens distribution

  • 66% - Public
  • 20% - Foundation
  • 10% - Team
  • 4% - Bounty/Advisor/Partnership

Funds allocation Funds allocation

  • 35% - Universa Protocol
  • 20% - Marketing / Business development
  • 20% - Foundations
  • 10% - Reserve
  • 8% - Operations
  • 5% - Legal
  • 2% - Security

Start in 28-10-2017
Ended in 30-11-2017

  • Alexander Borodich - CEO, Visioner, Business angel, Entrepreneur
  • Sergey Chernov - CTO, Lithuania
  • Alex Dovnar - Art-director, Russia
  • Julia Nezhinskaya - PM
  • Oleg Kravchenko - SysAdm
  • Alexander Myodov - Lead Developer
  • Vadim Kovrigin - Lead Developer
  • Mark Trubnikov - Lead Developer
  • Roman Uskov - Lead Developer
  • Polia Akulenko - Event manager
  • Andy Zhuravlev - Lead Developer
  • Leonid Rabinovich - PM
  • Svetlana Ivina - Crypto-mathematician
  • Ekaterina Phillipova - PA
  • Vadim Sorokin - Frontend dev
  • Kons Tsabolov - Lead Developer
  • Julia Tsabolova - Head of Translation
  • Alexander Nikolaev - Developer
  • Mikhail Dremidov - PR Manager
  • Nikolay Fedorovskikh - BizDev

  • Q3/2017
    Universa Blockchain first release Mac / Android clients/wallets UTN tokens via TGE/ICO
  • Q4/2017
    API for apps and blockchains Universa Exchange for tokens Universa Smart Token first release Universa Smart Contracts Templates
  • Q1/2018
    Universa Liquidity Ocean Universa Trust & Reputation Score Blockchain Academy
  • Q2/2018
    Worldwide Blockchain Association Universa Bank and Cards Universa Appstore Cryptofund for DAO/ICO @Universa


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