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Cryptocurrency market place for goods & services

The decentralized Vestarin platform on Ethereum blockchain (ERCE20 standard) is a must-have for everyone who has made at least one step into the world of crypto currency and blockchain technology.

The inspiration to change this industry for the better will come to everyone who reads the key idea up to the end and supports it. We already constitute a major community, which only needs to be united on a single platform with maximum capacities. Attracting “early bird” users to Vestarin project, we will be able to create a vital platform for anyone, as its development depends mainly on the feedback from users.

ICO Investment problem & solving

Investor`s task – to invest in a start-up, which is likely to succeed and to get profit. But first one needs to find actual ICO`s. Investor chooses several ideas by WhitePaper and seeks approvals: expert confirmations, that it really works, and blockchain community positive reviews.

As a result, thanks to the well-coordinated work of professional marketers, the investor finds a lot of information, positive feedback and accordingly starts to believe it the very idea. Then the ICO opens. Token is issued fir investor`s money, as previously discussed with the market. As a result a couple of high yield days are followed by a complete breakdown.

The creators make a helpless gesture, counting their millions gathered on the ICO, and investors cease to believe that this can work. Thus, confidence in the industry as a whole is not stable. And what, if not investment, keeps everything working? This is just one of the problems that we are going to solve on the Vestarin platform.

ICO – a powerful tool for both the investor and the project as a whole to achieve a specific goal. The project needs to be launched and succeed, the investor wants his profit. ICO itself is unique, but if people`s trust is abused, it can turn this great instrument into a soap bubble, that may burst soon. To keep it working, certain problems need to be sorted out.

The first problem is fake and scam-projects that play on people's trust in society. Having created an impressive web-site, having placed the project on all crowdfunding platforms and having bought several significant names, almost any project will get investors trust in it. As a result, ICO is successful, but the project`s success is not reached. Though, the creators are not really upset. Everyone likes easy money. Perhaps, to a certain extent, greed draws us to commit not fully thought-out actions.

Any rising industry makes its way to stability “per aspera ad astra”, transformed by people, who believe in it. We are mighty enough to influence even the greatest systems with over $600 billion capitalization.

Vestarin platform will get together people, capacities and opportunities to sort out all the problems. We need to cooperate in order to brush up ICO projects.Primarily ICO will be moderated by Vestarin platform experts to weed out “garbage”. Then everything is in the hands of users, including specialists, developers and investors all people in this industry will be involved in the work on the basis of one platform.

You will be able to put assessments, write reviews and criticize, creating a picture of the reputation of this ICO, as a result of which it will be easier for investors to make a decision, the risks will significantly decrease, and the creators of fake projects will be exposed by the overwhelming majority of experts. We will also create an open chart based on the results of past and current ICO projects: how many funds have been collected and how many people have invested so that you can make even more conclusions before making a final decision.

Start-up problem & solving

The little genius sat at night, read articles, wrote some lines of code, until he "gave out" something new and incredibly cool. Now he needs investments and a strong team for implementation. But in his environment there are neither like-minded people, nor people associated with this industry. So, where should he find them? After several unsuccessful attempts to find people or attract at least some investments, he loses hope and again returns to everyday life, and the world did not see his brilliant project. We will make life easier for such people. On Vestarin platform you will be able to find both an investor and a team that will bring your product to the market with the help of a categorized search (team, specialists and investors sections), which we will add to the platform.

Every day Vestarin platform will receive new ideas in search of investments. And those startups that are really interesting will be able to find their investor and bring the project to the ICO. Everyone knows that there are a lot of ideas, but very few really good ones. As a rule, really good ideas can not get the right to live due to the lack of knowledge and tools for their implementation. On the Vestarin platform, you will get "turnkey" not only professionals and investments, but also tips, knowledge, collect each piece of your puzzle, by uniting the entire community in one place.

Cryptocurrency holder problem & solving

The Vestarin platform is a solution to various problems. And the problem whichI personally, the platform creator, being a user of the crypto industry, faced, is that the crypto currency itself is not really a currency, as it can not be spent and fully paid for purchases. First you need to sell your coins and get them for a fiat currency, and only then make purchases.

Of course, there are shops and services that accept these currencies. With difficulty, but they can be found. However, their number is incomparably small, as for an industry with a capitalization of 600 billion dollars. We will attract and integrate shops, services, entertainment into one place on the Vestarin platform, where ordinary users can spend their crypto money.

At the beginning, the user will buy the domestic currency, VST tokens, with which he can perform targeted actions and purchases in one click. The same tokens fall into the asset of the store, and the store sells them in favor of the required currency, both external crypto currency and fiat currency.

Information problem & solving

Agree, there is too much information and resources with information about blockchain technologies, but at the same time there is a shortage or a scope of unnecessary kind. We want to aggregate sources based on the Vestarin platform, ordering useful information by categories and sections.

For example, in the “Articles” section you will see a list of topics where each aggregates the maximum amount of information from the Internet with the sources. Sources remain visible as before, but now they are arranged and aggregated in one place, which will considerably save the time for searching for this or that information.

Start in 30-01-2018
Ended in 28-02-2018
Symbol VST
Price 1 ETH = 3,000 VST
For sale 165,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 5,000 ETH

  • Said Radzhabov - Chief Executive Officer
  • Jane Alieva - Business Development
  • Alex Strakh - Smart-Contract Developer
  • Vlad Palamarchuk - Chief Technology Officer
  • Alina Bondar - Senior Back-End Developer
  • Max Tishchenko - Back-End Developer
  • Yuriy Lysytsia - iOS Developer
  • Evgeniy Borisenko - Legal Support
  • David Potier - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Daria Sabinina - Executive Art Director
  • Max Kravchenko - UX/UI Designer
  • ADVISORS - Douglas Lyons
  • Bojan Oremuž - Blockchain, Leadership, Networking, Marketing and Strategy expert. Entrepreneur. CEO of EMMARES
  • Simon Cocking - Editor at CryptoCoinNews, Irish Tech News, Top 1 member of the ICO Bench Experts. Business mentor.
  • Wulf Kaal - Сrypto economics, blockchain innovation and law expert. Advisor to several EU and US crypto companies. Ex-Goldman Sachs, Cravath.
  • Doug Lyons

  • September 2017
    Team Building
  • October 2017
    Idea Development, forming Technical specification
  • December 2017
    Design Draft
  • January 2018
    PreICO, Demo version launch
  • March 2018
    ICO, Full scale development
  • April 2018
    Listing on the markets, alpha-testing, Launch of "Information", "Professionals" blockch
  • July 2018
    Marketing, Attracting professionals, Beta testing
  • August 2018
    Launch of the block "For BUSINESS", "ICO", integrating partners
  • October 2018
    Full volume marketing, SMM, COPA, PR, Papers
  • November 2018
    Over 500 shops and services providers on the platform
  • December 2018
    Launch of Online/Offline blocks for purchase in cryptocurrency
  • January 2019
    1 million users, 2000 shops and services
  • March 2019
    Opening of the representative offices in Spain, USA
  • April 2019
    Opening of the representative offices in Japan, China, Korea
  • May 2019
    10 million users, 8000 shops and services
  • June 2019
    MUST-HAVE app for all the crypto-enthusiasts


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