Tue, 18 Dec 2018


A decentralized platform to create, join and manage DAOs

Wings is a platform in the form of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that provides infrastructure for the creation of start-ups in the form of DAO using its own tools.

According to the creators, on a general level Wings has properties of a DAO, one that selects promising projects for further funding such as Augur (prediction-market) and Kickstarter.

Wings aims to make the process of creating and managing projects in the form of a DAO simple and easily accessible. This should be achieved through the use of popular messengers for communication with the DAO through chatbots.

Another important aspect of the platform is the stimulation of the platform members to participate in the development of the system, by evaluating, commenting and forecasting the success of the platform projects.

Originally to be released in the form of tokens on the Rootstock blockchain.
A total of 100 million Wings tokens shall be created by Wings smart contracts, with 75 million Wings tokens being allocated to Wings DAO-backing campaign donors.

The remaining 25 million shall be allocated as follows:

- 1.5M — DAO Eggs bounty Egg to WINGS conversion
- 1M — Campaign referral rewards
- 3M — Current and future advisory
- 19.5M —Team, sponsor and foundation general allocation

Start in 18-11-2016
Ended in 06-01-2017


Pavel Nekrasov (LinkedIn) - Senior Developer

Alex Sazonov (LinkedIn) - Senior Developer

Boris Povod (LinkedIn) - Blockchain Developer

Stas Oskin (LinkedIn) - BizDev and Core Dev


Nikolay Taymanov (LinkedIn) - Community Manager


Serguei Popov (Website) - Scientific Advisor

Lior Zysman (LinkedIn) - Legal Advisor

Nimrod Back (LinkedIn) - Campaign Advisor

Eric Gu (LinkedIn) - Marketing Advisor

Matthew Elias (LinkedIn) - Strategic Advisor


Bitcoin Talk : Maiyah Link

ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29