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First ecomining in the world

Token symbol ZET
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ZET = 0.50-0.90 EUR
Tokens for sale 60,000,000
Accepting Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Euro
Hard cap 58,000,000
Bonus Pre-ICO 1 ZET = 0.50 EUR
1-7 day 1 ZET = 0.70 EUR
8-14 day 1 ZET = 0.80 EUR
15-22 day 1 ZET = 0.85 EUR
23-29 day 1 ZET = 0.90 EUR

About ZEUS

ZEUS is the first company in the world recycling garbage waste into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies at the factory with its own mining capacities!

Our mission is to enable everyone not only to help solving garbage utilization problem but also profitably invest and make this world better.

First implementation of building garbage recycling factory project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world - ZEUS EcoCryptoMining.

ZEUS EcoCryptoMining is not only cryptocurrency mining, but also sale of heat, fertilizers and recycled materials. It eliminates risks unavoidable for habitual mining plant.

ZEUS Solution

The main difference of the company is the recycling of garbage into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the development of world’s crypto economy and decentralized systems. Thermal energy produced by mining and processing, as well as other by-products of the recycling are used by the Government to serve the needs of the population.

The created "green production" is unique in terms of applying the perspective technology of using waste and the resulting product - electricity and its further recycling into cryptocurrencies by mining, which is an inevitable evolutionary financial and ecological phenomenon.

Mining development

The first cryptocurrency to be mined was bitcoin. In 2010, it could be extracted using the power of a home computer processor, and it was very effective. Later, bitcoins began to be extracted with the help of graphic processors, which was much more efficient than the extraction on a regular PC using a regular processor.

In June 2012, the first specialized devices named ASIC for mining cryptocurrencies began to appear. The performance of these devices was several times higher than graphics and conventional processors. With the appearance of ASIC, the complexity of bitcoin mining increased 10,000 times. Due to the fact that ASIC was much quicker in mining coins, the complexity of the bitcoins network began to grow rapidly, coin extraction on ordinary equipment became more and more complicated.

The cost of bitcoin has grown over the years, and those miners who have been engaged in mining of foreign currency since 2010 and have been saving it for a long time or have begun to be one of the first to use ASIC have had and still have a fairly high income to this day. Now it is impossible to extract bitcoins at home. Mining is still profitable. For all profitability of mining, the biggest source of costs for the mining process is the cost of electricity.

The working mechanism of ZEUS Token

ZEUS Token's own token will allow to participate in the project, its development, and also ZEUS token guarantees you to be able to rent equipment for mining and buy a hashrate developed at the mining capacities of the farm at a discount.

Decentralized implementation of participation in the project will occur through the purchase of ZEUS Token. It is their "decentralization" that should ensure the independence of the project from the influence of government- owned and large companies. The project fully utilizes the ideology of decentralization and improvement of the ecological situation on the planet. The Token will be launched on the Ethereum’s blockchain.

  • 15% of the total number of tokens sold, will be distributed between the project team (distribution and sales schedule according to, see below)
  • 2% of the total number of tokens sold, will be allocated to the distribution for the bounty program of the project
  • 1,000,000 tokens are intended for sale on the Pre ICO
  • 49,300,000 tokens will be distributed among investors on the ICO at the price as per the table below.

Start in 25-11-2017
Ended in 25-01-2018

  • Alexander Pilipenko - СЕО
  • Boleslav Voytsekhovskiy - Head of cryptocurrency mining direction
  • Irina Prokhorova - CFO
  • Erki Casar - Project’s lawyer
  • Josef Braun - СTО
  • Baev Sergey - Escrow
  • Alexey Karasev - CBO, Project development director
  • Alexander Chochia - Escrow

  • November - December 2017
    Funds attraction (ICO): ICO organization to purchase tokens of ZEUS. Token using Ethereum (ETH).
  • January 2018
    Purchase and rent of land in the industrial zone of Dresden, Germany.
  • January-February 2018
    Designing and obtaining permissive documentation.
  • March-August 2018
    Construction of the building and production of industrial factory equipment and mining capacities.
  • August-November 2018
    Comissioning of industrial equipment and start of new production, purchase and assembly of mining equipment.
  • November-December 2018
    Start of receiving and recycling garbage, shipment of finished goods and extraction of cryptocurrency.
  • December 2018
    Buyback: Reverse tokens buyback. The buyback will be made monthly for 5,000,000 tokens a month after comissioning the factory.


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